How to fax an eManifest:

First visit our printable forms page under the Forms tab and print the ACE and/or ACI eManifest Request Form. After completing the request form scan and fax it to 519-752-4425. If you are not sure how to complete the request form download the ACE and/or ACI eManifest Request with Instructions. To be sure we have received your fax you may wish to follow up with a phone call to 519-752-4488. If possible, also scan and fax a copy of the commercial invoice or another page that includes the PAPS or PARS barcode. Each page takes time to scan and fax so for expediency avoid faxing non essential documents. Provided our eManifest Request Form is fully completed, we generally will not require inventory lists, certificates of origin, or any other customs/clearance documents to process your request.

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